CKA Criteria

The objective of an effective international certification is the full provision of an uniform and comprehensive application framework for their applicants.
IKAassociation has been established the following CKA preliminary criteria reaching the minimum contents and recommendations for the international CKA®.
The overcoming of the assessment against this criteria will lead to mandatory review two years after the registration.
First point. CKA preliminary criteria has been development by IKAassociation as starting point for effective standardization of CKA criteria approved, still only apply to requests as well as certification bodies in the transitional period.
Second point. CKA by certification bodies is planned under the international standard ISO 17024:2012, crediting it or, during the transitional period, declaring an unequivocal commitment to this.
Thirteenth point. The CKA Brand. The overcoming of the CKA certification programme involves obtaining a degree of the CKA title in accordance with this preliminary criteria.
Access to the change of grade, the renovation of the certification and the International Registry of Knowledge Auditors of IKAassociation.
The CKA brand should be used conveniently as it is authorized. In general, it should be used in conjunction with the certified person name. You can include your registration number and used in documentation, presentation and advertising.
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